Forbes Global Alliance Membership Services and Benefits

Forbes Global Alliance Membership Services and Benefits

Forbes Global Alliance (FGA) is a global communication platform under Forbes Media Group. Since its establishment a hundred years ago, Forbes magazine has been published and distributed in more than 70 countries around the world. The successful digital transformation has given the brand a stronger vitality. The media platform receives hundreds of millions of hits every year, and ranks among the most influential media giants in the world. Relying on Forbes international influence and cross-industry resources, FGA is deeply integrated with Forbes China, and provides members with unique learning, growth, communication and cooperation opportunities through rich and diverse online and offline customized content and activities.

Whether you are a newcomer who is about to enter the workplace, a professional who is facing transformation, or an industry elite or entrepreneur who wants to expand contacts and resources, and improve the quality of life, you can find a way to break through in FGA. At the same time, FGA always advocates enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities. FGA will actively organize and participate in a series of charity themed activities, and use actions with members and partners to give back to society.

You can get membership services and related rights of Forbes Global Alliance from ABSG.

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