Hillhouse Capital

Hillhouse Capital

Hillhouse partners with world-class entrepreneurs who operate at the intersection of growth and sustainability. Since Hillhouse founding in 2005, we’ve had the privilege of working with iconic leaders to redefine their industries. Hillhouse is long-term investors focused on building high-quality businesses that last.

Hillhouse’s operating team works hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to build growth-oriented solutions from the ground up.

Hillhouse manages capital on behalf of global institutions. Hillhouse is a significant partner to some of the biggest endowments and pensions across the United States, Europe and Canada, as well as to non-profit foundations that support meaningful causes such as the arts and music, scientific discovery and poverty alleviation.


Quality is the foundation of Hillhouse’s portfolio.

To Hillhouse, quality is defined by one question: is time your friend? Quality is a protective moat that allows companies to grow and thrive through unpredictable economic cycles.

Hillhouse recognizes that it is rare to find a high-quality business matched with visionary entrepreneurs. When Hillhouse discover something are excited about, Hillhouse is in it for the long haul. Hillhouse invests not only financial capital but also operating resources and industry expertise to enable long-term success.

Hillhouse invests across growth and buyout opportunities. In growth investing, Hillhouse looks for companies that solve challenging problems with differentiated solutions. In Hillhouse’s buyout investments, Hillhouse works with management teams in traditional industries to better engage with modern consumers. Hillhouse’s operating team partners with management teams to build innovative business infrastructure that seamlessly integrates online capabilities with offline networks.

Whether Hillhouse’s investors in the early innings or later in the game, Hillhouse focuses its efforts on growth. Hillhouse’s mission is to build strong, sustainable businesses that will thrive for many decades to come.

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