HUAWEI CLOUD: Empower applications and harness the power of data for an intelligent world. HUAWEI CLOUD provides connectivity and services around the world to help enterprise customers expand overseas. Huawei has comprehensive products and solutions to accelerate intelligent transformation, and aim to building core competitive strengths for an intelligent future.

With Huawei’s high-tech, products and services as the core, ABSG and Huawei will build a sports science and technology innovation laboratory. For example, both parties will use Huawei Cloud as the technology base to connect everything in the industry scene, so that the sports industry can build a new ecology in the smart world.

Both parties will work together to:

  • Build a Chinese and global sports science innovation laboratory with leading technology as the core;
  • Gather the head resources of the science and technology industry, and deeply integrate and apply technological innovations in the sports industry;
  • Collaborate to implement the urban sports science and technology innovation ecosystem;
  • Fully integrate sports technology innovation and research and development into ABSG’s various products and digital services and asset platforms.


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