AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group

Intelligent Manufacturing Service Platform

is committed to providing one-stop intelligent manufacturing services for domestic and foreign sports technology innovation enterprises, focusing on providing customers with optimal solutions for product performance, cost control and manufacturing cycle. With professional manufacturer resources and 20 years of service experience for R&D customers, we have established a flexible system platform to adapt to many varieties, small batch products, and has established cooperation with 15,000 customers in more than 30 countries around the world.  Core products are widely used in information technology, industrial control, electric power, medical equipment, automotive electronics, Internet of things, intelligent security and other fields.

Intelligent manufacturing Service focus on industrial design/software development/hardware development and production/supply chain and pass the four core services of design, production, certification, and logistics, bridging manufacturers in different fields around the world.

The workflow includes nine steps to deliver products to customers: negotiation of needs-demand analysis-product architecture-UE prototype design-UI visual design-product development-product testing-product launch-product operation and maintenance

Product development is not an isolated existence that requires the cooperation of all units inside and outside the enterprise.  The Quality Assurance System of the ABSG Intelligent Manufacturing Service Platform also provides a systematic guarantee for requirements management, project management, management, material management and document management. Establish a structured and asynchronous development process through a standard development process and open communication between various functional departments. It ensures the formation of an intelligent product development process cycle.

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