AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group

Innovation Media Platform

is positioned to create a global sports technology innovation ecosystem with video as the core. ABSG provides professional media content management and content aggregation and distribution solutions for sports technology innovation enterprises, as well as to improve the operating efficiency of the users and reduce the marketing barriers for overseas enterprises to enter China market.

Two Solutions:

New Media Platform Management Solution (B2C)

For overseas sports technology innovation enterprises to land in China, enterprises will first lay down new media channels.  For China’s diversified media channels and the new media readers’ reading habits, enterprises need more efficient platform tools to manage major media operation platforms, in order to optimize work link, enhance reading volume and brand exposure, and expand self-media promotion channels.


The ABSG Media service platform supports 40 + mainstream accounts in China, including graphics, text other formats. With one-click push, it increases the publishing efficiency by 40 times. In addition to the distribution function, the platform can also monitor real-time data, and efficiently analyze operation data such as revenue, broadcast, reading, fans, etc.

Content Aggregation Distribution Platform (B2B)

The existing media have been transformed from traditional media into new media or intelligent media. The ABSG International Sports Technology Innovation Media Platform will provide a global Internet communication platform, aggregate global content and spread Chinese culture, so as to maximize social and economic benefits.


The content aggregation and distribution platform will integrate global sports media resources of the same format, gather and channel the introduction of overseas sports content, promote the exchange and cooperation among international media organizations, and at the same time create high-quality Chinese sports content to go overseas. The platform provides a unified operating platform and coordinated management for video, and provides one-stop solutions for technology, channels and legal protection in video content distribution, trading, copyright tracing and management.


55 million

Youtube Gold Button
Youtube Silver Button

2.8 billion

Watch Time/per month (hours)

1.8 billion

Views/per month

Team Genes

Industry Celebrities and Digital Media Marketing Elites

The core team members are mostly senior Chinese TV industry celebrities and senior operation optimizers of Chinese video platforms; adhere to community listening and public opinion analysis to improve content and brand exposure.

Technical GURU


Google AdSense original technology development team members technical support; make full use of big data and intelligent AI technology in operation to optimize video production and advertising presentation.

International Talents

More than half of foreign employees, high-quality overseas students from European and American colleges and universities, led by high-quality overseas students, industry elites global and cross-regional cooperation blessing, familiar with overseas living habits, understand the international market.

Super CPOP Fans

90%+ are creative post of -90s and CPOP super fans, determined to promote Chinese pop and Chinese culture internationally to make the world fall in love with CPOP.

Business Advantages

Copyright Protection

All-time rights protection team monitoring to ensure brand/content official revenue and full tracking of exposure.

Public Opinion Management and Guidance

Network-wide social media listening and big data analysis to track brand image and content brand dynamic adjustment of operating strategies.

Content Optimization and Promotion

Increase exposure, expand influence, and maximize revenue.

Content Packaging Production

Tailor the audience’s preferences, maximize creative customization, ensure the quality and quantity of content, increase interaction, and enhance audience stickiness.

Translation and Localization

Expand international coverage and enter more overseas markets.


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